The Importance of Being Earnest.. About Particle Size Distribution


Although most powder coating will have a particle range size of 20 - 100µ (Microns), the Median is what you want to concentrate on. Typically, most of PTI’s powder coatings have a Median size of 40µ, +/- 3µ. As a powder coating professional, it is important understand the particle size distribution of your coating because that will help you better ascertain the true value of what you are buying.

Cheaper powders will often time contain higher percentages of small and large particles that won’t take a charge. This means that all of your powder that is too fine or too large will simply end up as waste and never make it to the part.

Any time you order a product from PTI we can provide a complete data sheet with the Mean, Median and Mode particle size distribution for your coating. We want to make sure you have a complete understanding of the components that make up a high value powder coating.

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