UL Listed and High Dielectric Strength Coatings


PTI Volt 5133 Blue Epoxy

Applications for PTI’s Volt 5133 Blue Epoxy include stators, rotors, coils, capacitor cans, brackets, electronic boards and frames as well as resistors.

PTI’s full range of High Dielectric Strength coatings are designed for use on any parts that require a high degree of electrical insulation.


UL Listed Coatings

Protect and beautify interior and exterior electrical enclosures with our rugged UL approved coatings. Available in several different systems.


Whether you are coating electrical enclosures or fire extinguishers, PTI has a UL listed product that's right for you. All of our RALs and many of our stock products are available as UL compliant. Click here for our approved UL listings.